Top Tip for Sore Tendons

As Ive been hobbling there last 2 days due to an achilles tendinosis flare up I asked the SA Redbacks physio John Porter for some advice. The crippling pain ( yes I do get man flu as well) was due in the main to me running around with very fit football women as my wife was coaching them. Being a New Zealander, as you can imagine the kicking wasn’t too accurate so there was a lot of running retrieving wayward balls. I caught John as I slowly made my way down the stairs at the Adelaide Oval where Im looking after the Redbacks as the game day Doc. Johns advice is such – stand on the toes halfway dorsiflexed with body weight only for 30 seconds, 45 seconds off then repeat for a total of 5 tip toeing episodes. Keep repeating every hour and do this for 2-3 weeks. Then each week slowly progressively load the isometric contraction until up to 1.8 x body weight. The pain as guide should only be 2-3 / 10. If more then unload. Once you start adding the extra weight do the high weight one day then the next 2 days do body weight only. With patella tendinosis- the knee is extended to 45 degrees and help there and for high hammy best is the leg press, hip mid range to 70 degrees with no added weight initially then load up after the 3 week vital period. If they have no access to a machine then a supine 2 legged plank with hips at midrange again progressing to 1 legged plank then weight added across the low abdomen. In John and my experience this is a lot more effective for reducing pain and starting recovery than rubs, dry needling or other passive therapies. This is slightly but not much modified from Jill Cooks program in Melbourne. Hope that help other tendinosis sufferers – and the patients of course.

Cheers, Dr MarkAdelaide oval

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