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Best on Ground Performance is  all about High Performance  – both in Psychology and diagnosing Sport, Dance and Exercise injuries.

Jenny Williams is Australia’s only Psychologist who is a World cup winning player, AFL Woman of the Year and so prominent in South Australia’s recent sports history, Jenny was inducted in the South Australian Sports Hall of Fame 2013.

Please enjoy this video based on Jenny’s book, lectures and clinics

Dr Mark Ralfe has been in involved with helping diagnose and getting people over injury concerns since he was a medical student in Wellington NZ.  Since coming to South Australia in 1996 Mark has completed many post graduate qualifications, had years of experience helping teams on the field and in private sports clinics and in 2015 is the Royal College of GPs National Chair of Sport and Exercise medicine, a Cricket Australia and an AFL doctor.


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2 thoughts on “Best On Ground Performance

  1. Jenny I enjoyed the video clip very much the old film footage returned many memories. Congratulations on your book. As I said to you at the Novar Café your husband Mark is a special person and GP. Caring and Compassionate sums him up. Good health to you both. Regards to Stephen.
    Regards Mike and Patrice Wilson.

  2. Hello Jenny,

    I am writing on behalf of my son Gabriel.He is seeking a sports physcologist to assist his football career.

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