Being Your Best, Playing Your Best

Jenny was invited to talk at the Brighton Football club  in May 2017.  Jen’s talk centres around personal attributes and playing characteristics that mean not only you can have a better life away from the football field but actually how to have a better life between the weekends as well.

Opiod Use in Non Cancer Pain

Opiod Use in Non cancer pain Article from the Australian Family Physician about the topic of the use of opioids in the use in Chronic non cancer pain      

Jen’s Talk to Footscray Lacrosse Club March 2016

This is the first part of Jenny’s talk to Footscray lacrosse club last weekend.  The first part of the talk recorded is on the topic of Entropy and why its normal not to do anything at all but easy to excel if you are prepeared to invest some time of energy into getting better.  Enjoy…

Vitamin D Guidelines Feb 2016

Joint statement from Cancer Council, Endocrine Australia and Osteoporosis Australia and as such used by the Royal Australian College of GPs a new guideline for Vitamin D has just been published at..    

Top Tip for Sore Tendons

As Ive been hobbling there last 2 days due to an achilles tendinosis flare up I asked the SA Redbacks physio John Porter for some advice. The crippling pain ( yes I do get man flu as well) was due in the main to me running around with very fit football women as my wife…

Talking and ball handling drill

This drill is to help develop the ability to use the brain, talk and practise a physical skill ( ball bouncing ) at the same time.  Count up in ones, 3s  whatever up and down the line.  Enjoy.  

SA Sports Show on Channel 44: Jenny Williams Interview 2014

Jenny Williams is interviewed by Phil Smyth for Channel 44 – South Australia’s community channel.  This has been one of the most requested interview from Channel 44.   Topics range  from family,  Jenny’s sporting career and perhaps some secrets shared about how to be a champion in sport and in life.