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What makes a great champion? What makes a great leader? How do you get to the top as a player, coach or manager?

In this book Performance Psychologist, former World Champion athlete and Australian Captain J. A. Williams answers these questions and sets out in practical easy to understand steps, how to think prepare and play like a champion.

The down to earth advice draws on the personality profiles done by Williams on the game changers - elite level coaches and X factor grab-the-game-by-the-horns players. Williams has used this research, combining new information with the wisdom of Nobel prize winning thinkers like Daniel Kahneman to provide psychological tools that transfer across all aspects of life - both on and off the field. This is a recipe of success, but more than that, provides information on how to have a happy healthy life full of friends.

"Jenny's knowledge is invaluable and without this knowledge I would not be the athlete I am today. If I ever coach a team, Jenny will be the first person I hire" - Sharni Leyton , World Netball Champion

"Finally Jen has put her magic into print! We often forget the foundation of what it takes to be a champion. This book covers vital concepts that have personally helped me and my basketball career. A book for anyone who dares to think, act and become a champion in whatever it is they decide to do!" - Erin Phillips World Basketball Champion 2 time WNBA Champion.

"Tired of being average? Want to be great? Learn how to actually practice greatness... Become a CHAMPION. This Step by Step workbook is a must. Whether at sport in the office or at home - Guaranteed to Inspire through practical challenges or stimulating examples. Essential for Players, Coaches Teams Leaders and Businesses" - Mark Williams AFL Premiership coach and Coaching Mentor

"Jenny creates a strong impact on coaches and athletes alike. She has a great feel for practical and stimulating coaching. This book will be an invaluable resource for coaches of all levels and in any sport. Her common sense approach makes the art of coaching easier, worthwhile and very much about the care of the athlete" - Ron Watt AFL Coaches Association Professional Development Management

"Training and being checked is an ever present part of a pilots career. Mastery is the key for both the trainee and the trainer. Understanding mastery will help bring out the best. Doing that the right way makes for not only great individuals, but also great teams, and great systems." - Guy Stanton Qantas 380 Airbus Pilot

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