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November 2015

Jenny’s new book Think Prepare Play Like A Champion has just been released.  Check here soon for a chat about the book, why Jenny came to write it and how to use the book effectively for yourself and your team.

Jenny Williams book Think Prepare and Play Like a Champion
Jenny William’s book

September 2015

Jenny talks about care in sport and how its missing in modern day coaching.  Not only is this creating players with low self esteem and poor confidence its also contributing to poor performance.

January 2013

Jenny Williams Psychologist and previous world champion lacrosse player interviews her friend Erin Phillips early January 2013. Not long before the interview Erin won a WNBA championship with the Indiana Fever. Jenny asks how did Erin get so talented and what made the Fever such a great team? Be ready for some great insights into how to be a champion and what makes a champion team.

May 2015

This radio interview took place a day after Jenny took training for Loxton’s senior football team and followed up with a 2 hour dinner presentation to Loxton’s footballers, netballers and community members on leadership and how to be the your best on the field.  The interview took place at Loxton’s LifeFm studio who are big supporters of local footy.  The interview was recorded in  one sitting but played before during and after the footy game at Loxton.  The interview covers Jenny’s background as an elite athlete, coach and now Master Psychologist motivating and mentoring athletes of all codes ages and abilities.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Jenny Interviewed by Phil Smythe and Rob Popplestone with Michelle Den Dekker confronting the medias role in promoting violence towards women.

Part 1.

Part 2

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